Adobe Illustrator to MPCNC workflow?

Hopefully this is a quick question. If I draw a 10mm square in Illustrator, save it as a dxf and open the dxf in Estlcam to generate the gcode does it stay a 10mm square or do I need to change any settings on export/import/cgode creation? I’d just “give it a go” but my PC is still next door at the neighbours - he’s out at the moment so no playing for me…

Setting up for the dogholes, threaded insert holes and eventual cutout of the drop table hole.


Yes, you can quickly verify using the grid as shown in the crown tutorial.

Works like a charm! I’ll write up a how-to thread when I figure out the “do not do’s”. One set of bench cams underway. This is so amazing Ryan…ice carving season is weeks away! I’m DEFINITELY gonna be ready for it. [attachment file=70912]