Advice before purchasing the part

Hello I want to purchase a complete mpcnc kit and the 3d printed part (23.5), but have some question about it. I want to mill wood, use the drag knife and in the future laser engraving for wood. For the questions:

· For the board I will choose the skr pro with the screen this is a good option for the thing that I have planned for the machine?

· The firmware that are in bin file for the board there are ready to flash or they need some modification?

· For the dual end stop is I choose this firmware for the board and plug everything right it will be plug and play or I need to do something else?

· Do I need longer belt for a 24” x 24” working area or the one that come with the kit will be enough?

· I already purchased the Makita rt0701c router can I use ¼ bit shank or it necessary to get 1/8 collet adapter for the router?

thank you

  • The SKR board will be excellent for this. You should have no trouble at all, and using a board that V1 sells will make getting help in the forums quite easy.

  • For 24X24, I think 1m extra belt is required, the kit comes with 3m and you need a little under 4m.

  • I have the RT0701C as well. You certainly CAN use 1/4" shank bits, and I have used the adapters that let you use 1/8" shank bits in the 1/4" collet with good success. The 1/8" collet is really nice to have though, and I highly recommend it if you can. I used these adapters until I could get the proper 1/8" collet. I still have them around, since my other router also used a 1/4" collet. The 1/8" bits are much nicer for detail work, and the ones Ryan sells are very well suited to the machine.

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You shouldn’t need to modify it, but you do need to put the .bin on the microsd card it comes with.

another question does the kit include the end stop or i need to purchased seperaty ?

The bundle contents are listed, and do not include endstop switches. I believe that this is because the bundles are pre-counted and sorted, and it would be more difficult to pull the switches from a kit that doesn’t need them than it is to add them. Likewise, if you are getting the wiring kit, it’s the “individual” kit that you want for dual endstops.

I use dual endstops, but when I had a problem with one (A couple of pullup resistors on my board stopped working) I didn’t find it much of an inconvenience to simply not use them. I did fix the problem eventually though.

In addition to the kit, you need to also consider how you will run/protect the wires. Some people use sleeving. Some people use cable chains. Some people use sleeving and the tape measure trick. And occasionally I see a machine using bare wire. V1 sells 3/8" sleeving in the shop. I don’t think 3/8" is big enough for the tape meausre trick. And the method for the Z axis does not have to match the X and Y axes.