Advice for lowrider in Belgium

Hello everyone,

I’m new here, and want to build the lowrider for the fun and hobby.

In my job, i sometime pilot a cnc morbidelli m400f - 5axes, so i’ve some notion about cnc. And now i want to build one by myself.

I think that i’m in the right place.

But i’ve a few question :

  • I don't find tubing with 25,4mm OD , only 25mm (i come from belgium) and i don't have a 3d printer. Is it possible to buy printed part fort 25mm OD ?, or should i find someone with a 3d printer ?
  • Maybe should i start with mpcnc and print the lowrider part with it ?
  • What is the use of mini - rambo ?
I will certainly have more questions.

Thank in advance





There is a 25mm version, with parts in the store. Take a look around at the links on the top, and read through the instructions (just to get an idea).

The mini rambo is the controller and the motor drivers.

Especially look here:

The parts are licensed as non commercial, so a friend can print them, but they can’t sell them to you without Ryan’s permission.

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Thank for reply.

In your opinion, what’s the best way to learn and have fun to get the lowrider. I’ve time, and i want to work on full sheet at the end.

  • Get MPCNC and start to use it. After a few moment, print all 3d part for lowrider with it ( or Mp3DP is needed ?).
  • Get directly the Lowrider and find someone to print 25mm OD part.
I don't really know what's the difference between MPCNC and LR about difficulty. For a newbie like me.




The MP3DP isn’t the best starting printer, mostly because there are hundreds of thousands of users for many other printers. You also have to find a way to cut the flat parts for it. The MPCNC, as a printer, is not terribly forgiving either (I haven’t used it, but I suspect it’s an intermediate level printer). Starting with an original prusa is going to make printing a lot more fun for a beginner. Even a Creality would be fun, because there are hundreds of videos and things to get you started. Another option is a local makerspace or library that has a 3d printer. These are a good way to catch the bug, and then decide which printer to buy amd they are often mostly idle.

I didn’t realize Ryan didn’t sell 25mm LR parts. I didn’t see them in the shop though.

As for LR vs. MPCNC, the MPCNC is very popular (probably 10x) and it is very flexible and fun up to about 24 inch. It sounds like you already have some CNC experience, so either one is probably going to be fun. The LR requires a few more outside tools, to build the table and to cut the flat parts.

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Check this site where I ordered mine:

They also have the SS variant:

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I know what to do now :).

I’ll ask the price to print the lowriders parts in 3d for 25mm OD in a fatlab near my city. If is too expensive i’ll buy a 3d printer. But actually the prusia original is too expensive for me.

The cheapiest is creality3d ender. I hope the accuracy is good enough.

For the flat parts i’m going to machine them with the CNC at my job.

For the table, i’m carpenter so it’s ok.

And i’ll move forward step by step. I am confident given the responsiveness on this forum to give advice.





Thr creality will work fine. You will have a few more failed prints, and you might need to learn a bit more than if you were using the prusa, but Ryan’s parts are designed to be nice on printers, and he’s good at that. Do some googling to find some good setting for the creality in slic3r and use the prusa slicer. Start with some smaller parts until you figure out how to get a good first layer. If you own the printer, you can always print them again later.

@vicious1, Why aren’t you selling 25mm LR parts, and are you ok with a fablab making them?

Shoot I forgot to add them, no one has asked in a while. If the fablab will print them go for it, it will take a fa few days to get them in the shop at least.

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It’s a good news, if you can add them to the store.

Cause the price to print them here is ± 350€… and i’ve to wait 1 or 2 weeks

So, if I can pick them on the store I would be grateful.

I prefer start with CNC, where i’ve some knowledge. And in a second time. Learn to print in 3d to upgrade the CNC or other tools.


The you’re beter buy An Ender 3 with 2kg of filament for about € 250,-…

What he said :slight_smile:

Also consider that you’ll be needing a lot of 3D printing for your setup (assorted tool holders, enclosures, fixtures, attachments, etc) not just the frame components for the MPCNC or LR2. And just like the CNC, the 3D printer can be used to make other things you “need”.

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You have convinced me ^^.
What kind of filament should i buy ? ColorFabb Ngen, or something else ?
And if i want to draw. What kind of software is good, sketchup ? other... ?

Did you already buy the printer? I used an Anet A8 with pla from to print parts for a MPCNC. It works fine. Printer was about €180 from gearbest (Czech warehouse).

Now I printed the parts for a Low rider with it.

My conclusion is that designing with sketchup causes sometimes weird problems while printing. Problems that don’t show up when slicing, but make a 3-d print worthless. I am trying to work with fusion360 now. It seems to give more predictable results.