Advice needed - CNC

So, I finally got my MPCNC going and movement is smooth across all axis, now time to look at whats next.

My next step is to 3d print with the platform, and that is fairly well documented on the web, but my eventual goal is to do some Woodwork CNC and laser engraving.

That being said, I am trying to decide between the Air cooled Spindles available on Amazon versus the Dewalt 660. I had the following questions:

1.) Is there documentation available on how to wire up the Spindle to the Ramps board, and what changes (If any) need to be made to the marlin code to support?

2.) Can you Control the Spindle speed from the ramps thru the gcode file?

3.) Beside the size and noise factor, is their a large advantage spindle versus Dewalt?

My MPCNC has a build area of 24" X 24", and Z height of 6". I am using the Arduino 2560 and ramps 1.4 per the instructions on the website.

They will both work, I choose the dewalt because it is less expensive for the power you get, the spindles seem to be fine but at the time I made this there was a serious issue with inferior ones and I didn’t want to take that gamble.