Advise on end mill selection.

Hello all.

As I am nearing the completion of my MPCNC. I thought it a good time to begin looking into end mills.

I am honestly a little lost. Initially I only want to play with wood/MDF and will leave alloy well alone until I have more experience.

What would be a good selection of end mills to start out? Something that would let me attempt some basic trimming/shaping without costing an arm and a leg.

My first practical project with my MPCNC will be a set of speaker cabinets.

I would start with one of these.
If you want to do any sort of laminated or plywood, get the same one in a down cut version and it won’t splinter it so bad.

Awesome. Thanks.

I’ve started doing some reading on mills, feed rates, speeds ect. But I wanted to try and order something asap so it arrives before Xmas. Santa (aka my wife) is bringing me the Makita Rt0700cx-roumer for Xmas, and that is the final piece in the puzzle, so too speak.

Fingers crossed, if I can source some mills, I can spend my Xmas break playing with my completed MPCNC. Pretty bloody excited to be honest :slight_smile: