Aggravation Game - 2-sided board for a fun, popular game

From recent projects I CNC cut out of MDF using my LowRider 2:

This is a 2-sided board for a fun, popular game. It has my own adaption and design tweaks. One side is for 6-players, and the other side is for 4 players. I plan on selling these (as many as I can) as a fundraiser. This one has not yet been painted with the “player” colors in key spots, and it has not yet been sealed (to be done with oil-based poly), but I positioned the color-coded dice and marbles to illustrate.

The “divots” for the marbles were machined with this “cove box” router bit (7/8"):

The design accents were cut with this 1/8" 2-flute up-cut end mill bit:

The profiles were through-cut with this 1/4" 2-flute up-cut bit:

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Very clean. Looks similar to a game my family plays called “Joker”.


We use the 4-person version. I used a simple rounded end mill to cut the coves for the marbles.

Our family grew up calling it ‘murder’ and our board has a center divot you can use to jump from corner to opposite corner.

This is the one I knocked together. I did it in MDF just to see how it’d work. My plan is to ‘one day’ go back and make a nicer one and use the laser to burn some lines on it. This one was made in somewhat of a hurry as I needed it for game night the next night.


“Mensch ärgere dich nicht” in German. “Man, don’t be mad” would be pretty spot on translation. :smiley:

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Our “Aggravation” game also has a divot in the center. In the rules of this game, you can jump to the center from any of the “points” near it, but only if your number of moves specifically lands you right there, and a roll of “1” afterward gets you out, moving you to the “point” nearest your home goal area.

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That’s how I remember aggravation working. It has been a while since I have played it. My grandma’s house had the commercial version. It looked like this:

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Yup. You have to land directly on it. Our house rules let you hope off with any number, though.

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