Akron, Ohio build

Here’s additional things I did.
1- Upgrade y plates to 3/4" and 611 plate to 1/2" for stability.
2- I had built upgraded drive cable tensioners.
3- Cut grooves in table for wheel travel
4- end stop kit
5- LCD with case
Now I have to figure out the end stops, touch point and firmware changes and I be ready to go.
I’ve learned a few things along the way
Be sure you have your brackets on y plate correctly or you’ll get this :open_mouth:

But I fixed it. I am so looking forward to this running and making projects.
Thanks in advance for any help for critiques.

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@TheFreddyD I am also in Akron! Within walking distance of the North Hawkins area in Sand Run. I still have burly parts waiting on me to quit other projects and get it done already, but I’m excited to see I’m not the only one in town on these forums. Where are you within the city?

I’m not in akron. But canton is pretty close too. Lol

Yes it is, 3 of my best friends all live in North Canton so I’m down that way enough (besides pandemic time where I haven’t seen them much).

Nice man, definitely nice to see a nearby Ohioan on here.

Man, you guys are waaaaaaay over there. I have a client in Medina that usually doesn’t call until like 3pm that their network is down. Freaking 3 hour drive from my house.

I’m at Revere and Smith rds.

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If I ever need help I know where to look

That’s frustrating for sure… You’re on the West side of the state then maybe? We have a plant in St Marys that I’ve spent a lot time at.

ok, so whose basement we going to meet in?

The traditional/cliched answer is the church basement, with folding chairs, a box of mostly stale donuts and a big pot of coffee/paint stripper…


A as little background, I’m 62 yr old former Software engineer, now I do custom carpentry and home remodeling. During the shut down in Ohio I did quite a bit of research on center my retirement gig. I have been looking at the lowrider 2 for sometime. I ordered the parts that were available and started my build. I have made several mods from my research. I’ve added grooves to the table for Y stability. I modified the Y plates from 1/2" to 3 /4" and the 611 plate to 1/2" from 1 /4" . I have modified my stepper to be ready for auto square and level. I purchased a Rambo 1.4 board with end stops. I Also purchased a touch point kit. I’m confused, end shops and touch point. Do I use Y1 and Y2, Z1 and Z2 and X, or the touch point and X1 and X2, Y1 and Y2?
So from this point I’m a little lost :dizzy_face:, is the firmware need to be modified? Is version 1.4 good to go?
I have learned a lot from this forum and welcome any help or critique of my build. Thanks!
Here’s some pics of my build so far.

I can’t wait to smell saw dust that and hear the buzz of the router


Looking good and clean. You’re going to really enjoy it. So many possibilities once it’s up and running.

Your table looks super solid.

If I were you I’d start with just the endstops, once you get that working you can add in the touch probe.

Endstops should go to x and y endstop plugs on the board.

Thanks for tips! Have end stop brackets coming any day. I’ll update once installed as :dizzy_face: I’m going to have firmware changes I’m sure to get it going.

No doubt you will, but when you’re just tweaking that stuff to your liking you’re at the fun part!

Got her going I think. Want to have a meeting of the minds?


I’d be interested in trying to meet up but probably wait a little bit to let our COVID numbers here start to decline… Just trying to be responsible, the fiancee is a nurse so gotta be a little careful.

Got it! I’m old too :older_man:! This is crazy stuff and I’m intra-careful as well. Got my LR2 working, just fine tuning and learning fusion 360 to make some stuff. Once I get there I’ll make a video. Getting gcode to it is where I’m at now. Drew the :crown:! So now I want to make a sign! Thanks for getting back!

Here she is ready to roll!

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Wow that is looking pretty!