Align toolpath to dxf

Sometimes when I update an E.10 project with its DXF drawings the toolpath and dxf doesnt line up/out of alignment. How do I align the toolpaths with the updated dxf drawing in Estlcam?

When Opening a DXF Estlcam creates a bounding box origin, X0 from the leftmost point of the drawing and Y0 from the bottommost point. Any Inserted DXF has to have the same (embedded) X,Y O to register properly. I’m betting the same is true for Updated DXF’s, any change to the left or bottom of the drawing will change X,Y 0 and cause misalignment. If you know the changed distances you can use the Move tool (DXF or paths) to realign things.

You can add a cross hair or hole where you want the origin and then use the move origin tool to set it to that. It works well if you want the origin in the middle of the design too.

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The Update and Insert drawing functions reset/use the default bottom-left origin.

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