All over the place.

Here’s whats happening physically, I purchased everything from here last year around May.

In Repetier it’s showing this.

Also Hello World!
Thank you so much for all the work!

TRouble shooting 3D printing is a bummer, a million things can be wrong. Can we try it another way.

If you follow this page, does everything work including drawing the picture? If it doesn’t draw the picture well do not go any further until it does.

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Thank you! I’ll run these steps ttys!

I’m back finally!
Had to find these hooks for the potentiometers I’ve got the axis’s set but I was wondering about the Stepper voltage on the Extruder driver?

All depends on your extruder stepper. Each batch I get seems to be a little different. I would start at 0.65V. If after 20 minutes of use the stepper is hot turn it down, warm is good, cold means more power.

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That’s such an excellent rule, Wouldn’t hurt to cool them right? I gotta make a freecycling trip and pull some fans.
So adjusting the voltage of the axis’s could they be “overclocked” or I guess tuned to run faster prints or we bound to some laws here?

Anything you gain by adding power you will lose by moving around a fan. Proper tune is best as we always have them engaged.

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THANK YOU! I finally got it to run I’ll post up Pictures soon! (Maybe even a 4K Video!)

Okay so I ran into MINTEMP Error then realized the thermistor has a short…
Honeywell 100K Thermistor 135-104LAG-J01
Should work as a replacement?

That isn’t the one we use but You can just change it in the firmware. That one does look like a higher quality one for sure.

This is close to the typical ones,

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Awesome! I ordered those last night actually after more searching got them in time for two day shipping so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow! Thank you again, I hope you have a great weekend ttys!