All Steel Frame - Mega Heavy Duty

Finally almost done with my Low Rider frame. This dude is stupid heavy and doesn’t give an inch! All welded steel frame with a 14 guage 3" box tube frame sittin pretty at 5’ x 10’. Cant wait to start getting everything assembled. Updates to come.




great and nice work,

im not sure but when i see your investissment and your workshop in this project

may be i would go in a mechmate cnc.

i don t know your need but i wouldlove to have your skills.

Wow, that looks really great!

Can’t wait to see it finished!

And I thought my designs are always overkill :slight_smile:

Looks great, though. Have fun with the rest of the build-out.

Why is the floor elevated like that?

Welding while bent over all day sucks.

Exactly! It is still low so i end up on hands and knees, but below is scrap steel storage and the wood floor allows for jig blocks being screwed or stapled in.


Coincidentally, I have been working on my own steel table for my Lowrider. Do you think the 14 GA steel is sufficient? Or is 11ga worth the extra $$?

The 14 guage 3” box tube is killer strong. Almost no flex and everything else is 16 guage, save for the angle iron (1/4” thick) i used on the inside to prevent bowing long term. This this is mad strong. 11 guage would be cool, but definitely overkill.

Now you just need to be milling something heavy, like lead or gold… Hmmm, I wonder how much a 4x8x1" sheet of gold weighs?

3216 lb.

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I’ve held a real brick of gold. They’re way heavier than people think. They almost never get it right in the movies, where the skinny damsel is waving a gold brick over her head. She’d have a really hard time lifting the thing.

That’s what she said!