Almost done... for now

I need to install my spoilboard, figure out a few more firmware tweaks, and spray paint the steel frame black. Oh… and clean the shop up after completely wrecking it building this thing.


I like the color scheme :star_struck:

Looks nice and clean… hurry up and get it dirty :slight_smile:

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I do like the cable management, a lot…

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I agree! was that chain purchased or printed? More pictures!

Printed in PETG! And it works GREAT.

I made my own corner piece that just joins the two cable chains at a 90° angle. Worked out well I thought…

Side note, I came to absolutely hate db-style connectors. I hated them before, and I still hate them. Next one of these I’ll use something automotive Delphi connectors or something else. Maybe those “aviation” connectors.

I’m sitting here with this completely finished machine, and I still don’t have a project to do with it!

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Very nice, now get it dirty!

What did you dislike about them?

Having done both “aviation” and DB style connectors as well as solder-style XLR connectors, it’s a pain to solder into those little buckets they leave you at the wire end of the pins, especially when the pins can’t be removed from the connector but the heat from soldering lets them shift just enough that they don’t line up any more.

It’s better with a better iron (like a TS100 over the old Radio Shack pencil I used to use), but still not a fun walk in the park.

I’d be happy for any “tips and tricks” anyone might want to pass along.

Put the male or female connector to the connector end you are soldering. It acts as a heatsink and hold the pins in place (I use it also with the chinese xt60/90 connectors) I hope you understand what i mean :grinning:


I used to make up communication cables for the little round mini din connectors common to plcs back in the day. What a pain to solder.

If you are using ROHS solder, your can also bring temps down using 63/37 instead.

What model are you using for the display / joystick case?
I have a joystick that I’ve been meaning to hook up.
I was going to hack something to get it functional before I made it look pretty, but I like this one!

I love the welded table too, but that’s out of my wheel-house for sure, so no point in asking for plans there…

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