Almost done! its a beauty

Im almost done with my Primo, only need the SKR pro to arrive. So far building this thing has been a real pleasure no frustrations simply a Joy. Every part fit perfectly and everything is super well engineered.
Heres to hoping learning how to use this thing is as easy a building it.


Nice looking rig. I was thinking of using that same router since I already have one. Where did you find the clamps for it?

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I found it on Thingiverse.

Thanks for the link. I hadn’t found that one last time I looked.

Thingiverse search has been less than reliable of late.

Nice looking setup. The real fun is getting all the wiring routed neatly. Don’t forget to either make plugs or put on some cable protectors as you route it through the tubing. About a 600mm x 600mm build?

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I thought about that and made these plug. They seem to do the job well.
Also check my control box almost ready and in place.


I ran a rag through the tubes just to get any “gunk” out of there before I ran the wires. Those end caps should work well to protect the wiring.

Nice control box. Did you find that online or design it yourself. I think I have seen the top part on Thingiverse, but not the complete box.

Wont be long before your making chips!

you have a very good eye Mark, indeed I took the top from Thingiverse and designed the rest.

can you provide the link to the plugs please :slight_smile: … nice build

Hey Juan, it only fits 1 inch tubes.

It seems I made a mistake in the position of the trucks. As you can see form the picture, when looking at the front of the CNC, the trucks on the X axis have the stepper motor on the right side. And the trucks on the Y axis have the stepper motor on the far side.
Is this gonna cause me trouble? or should I just leave it like that?


I decided to fix it, it was actually easier than I though it would be. And after it everything was basically still squared up. Also I noticed why it goes on this way, there are cutouts on the trucks that fit the core when at 0,0, and also the limit switches go on this side…


Got one more question…
Please see the following photo and tell me if this is the correct height positioning of the router in relation to the core…

Looks good. You can’t cut any deeper than that anyway and it’s tucked up nicely against the gantry.

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Great!, thanks for the reply.

This whole CNC is printed in PLA for its rigidity properties. But the router mount was printed in PETG cause the DeWalt DPW611 can get pretty hot sometimes. Don’t know how hot it actually gets but I did not want to risk deformation of the mount because of high temps.

What are your experiences with routers mounts made of PLA?

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I haven’t seen that as a common complaint. It does happen though. You do not want the router to move, especially wobble around. But I bet it is fine.

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worked perfectly for the Primo-J (1" OD) … Thank you!

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Good morning!.
My cable management system is starting to look real good.
I found these Stepper covers that had the V1 symbol and were supposedly made for the Primo Steppers, but after printing them they were much bigger…

So I modified them making the smaller and also attached a chain link… They are now a tight fit. Next stop is the chain for the Z stepper and router cable.


They did fit my steppers, but boy this attachment for the belt is a great idea.


I measured the Steppers that came with my V1 Primo Kit and they are 42mm across, I suppose these are Nema 17. The printed covers on the link above were aprox 3mm wider. Not sure why that is, I’ve read others in here say that those covers fit their steppers just fine.