Almost up to wiring. Is there a detailed write up on the tape measure trick?

Hi all. I’m nearly up to wiring my MPCNC, and I’ve got some braid sleeve (might need to by some larger stuff for the tape measure) but I can’t find a very detailed guide to the tape measure trick.

I’ve gone over the “Red/Black Milwakee” build with a fine tooth comb, but some detail photos of the joins, connections, lengths to run etc would be good.

This is about all there is on that subject as far a I can find.


This is how I used it for the lowrider. Maybe the pictures can help you visualize it for your application.

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Here is mine, if it helps…

in my post is a Thingiverse link to the Z axis bracket I made.

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I just zip tie it.

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Thanks for replies.will go over those carefully.


Ryan, I mean where to ziptie, which direction, how long etc.

I think you are overthinking it. Just zip them into a convenient place.