Alternative coupler

Okay, so I have decided to upgrade my “gen 1” MPCNC to the new 525 parts as well as the new T8 lead screw. My question is, would a solid 5mm-8mm coupler (such as this one - work better? Being solid wouldn’t it remove any and all flex in the Z-axis?

They could, the reason I do not like those particular ones is the location of the set screws. They were made with the screws directly across from each other (cheapest way to make them). Ideal is a 90 degree separation. across from each other can cause misalignment and poor grip.

Interesting. Did not realize the position of the set screws could be a problem. I will keep looking then.

Honestly, would love something like this . I know the new Prusa MK2’s have had great success with leadscrew integrated into the stepper.

my pineapple coupler split/cracked into two pieces and ended up making my z axis screw up (a lot).

I printed a new coupler, but would be very interested in a better solution than the printed coupler. (not using the T8 (yet) though).

Print it in petg. It’s a little tougher than pla.

Forge it in aluminum, it’s a little tougher than PETG. :slight_smile:

I had issues with my pineapple coupler early on. I then ordered an alu coupler online, but instead of waiting I used braided hose, and some clamps as a quick fix. Works a charm! Still haven’t changed over to the alu coupler even though it arrived a long time ago.

Don’t mind if I bring this full circle, do you? ??

Okay, so I decided to pick up one of these ( this week. Is there anything different I need to do in the assembly to account for it should I choose to use it?

I don’t think so, let us know how it works.

I will.