Alternative Paste Extruder

Hey guys,
I just saw Alted’s post on the past extruder by, and I thought I would just throw what I had don into the ring.I started this about 2 weeks ago, and I have tested it, but no real prints yet. What I did was modify richrap’s v2 paste extruder with an additional part to attach to the bottom of the z axis. it’s a pretty simple setup, but it works. I will repeat that this is not my design at all, all I did was make an attachment for the paste extruder. If anybody else wants to try it, it attaches to the conduit in the same manner as the motor mount of the z-axis. I will be adding a download link if someone wants one, but I need to wait to upload it onto thingiverse.


Sorry, I tried to upload the file but apparently I can’t, here is a working download link