Alternative wheel size


I can't find any 59-60mm wheel locally. I'm wondering if bigger inline skate wheel 76mm works.

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Have a look for hockey wheels.

Hi Ryan,

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Can’t seem to find hockey wheels in Canada. Fond some on Amazon but way too expensive.

I think I will wait for the lowrider kit to be available again. Do you have an ETA?

As soon as the mini’s rambo order shows up, hopefully Tuesday. I should have kits with no boards tomorrow.

Sound great, I have mks gen l board playing around. I will use that.

Do you have hockeymonkey in canada or

I think the wheels are meant for inline goalie skates, my hockey skates use bigger wheels.

Thank for the link Jeff,

I never heard or seen one. I read here somewhere about skateboard wheel will work but work but because of its thickness it is reduce work surface and more chance for debris to get stuck.

For some reason hovkey gear, and especially roller hockey stuff, just does not have a good selection on amazon. I play roller hockey in the summer.

Looks like this will fit -
The material of the wheels with bearing is 83A polyurethane, the size of the wheel is 60mm (diameter) X 45mm (width), while the bearing is 22mm X 8mm.
This length you can use in a standard board.