Aluminium Beer opener with Dremel 395 MPCNC

Hi Guys,

Im just getting to know this awesome machine, I made a MPCNC with 500x500mm volume

I had a Dremel 395 laying around so i tried this first.

Last saturday i was wondering if i could mill some aluminium with the Dremel, turns out you can!

Here are some more pictures:



That’s so cool! Can you post your whole setup? I’d like to see the aluminum extrusion baseplate. Thats super cool.

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I don’t have a clear picture of the machine.

The bed is made from 7 80x40mm Aluminium extrusion profiles, we use those a lot at work and these were leftovers.
i layed the extrusions on the sides and tapped the ends M8, then i usde 30x30 L profile to connect the profiles together.

Here is a render of the machine, i have yet to make the table frame though.

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That’s really cool. It definitely gives off a more professional vibe to it.

Awe come on, the Mad Max on a budget vibe is still cool too, right?

I bet that plate does give a very easy surface to clamp too though, I agree, nice choice.



Haha yes of course. No ill will given towards the Mad Max but I should have said more industrial look.

So let me get this straight. You were just kicking around on a Saturday all “Hmmmm, aluminum? Hell, why not?” and proceed to churn out a functional, rather sharp-looking piece, because…well…just because?

And I’m over here on my 3 or 4th version of a spoilboard that might actually work.

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I’m impressed he did it with a dremel!

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Awesome work !

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So i tried it again today with different settings and got the best results yet!

Also i cut the routing time in half! oke granted i used 5mm Alu instead of 6mm but still!

The 3d printed fan i mounted to the dremel toolhead works wonders for chip clearing!

Here are some settings i used and also a video of the finishing passes :slight_smile:

The finnish on the part could be better and i am still trying things to get a better part finnish

So my first thought when seeing the title was “Cool, did he use an Arduino to control the beer opener”, but it was just a hand operated mechanical contrivance. I’m sooo disappointed. :slight_smile:

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Not sure why this popped up in my notifications just now, but hey the timing is good. Couple Saturdays ago I remembered this aluminum and said "hey why not? I need a bottle opener! " does double duty. Only took me 6 tries to get it right.

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That is great, and needs to be in it’s own post.

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Good idea

im interested in the fan is it your design?

They are on thingiverse.