Aluminium Flat Parts Lowrider CNC Europe

I’m selling laser cutted Flat Parts for low rider. The parts are in Aluminium 6mm.



I’m selling for 50€, ship worlwide. I can cut parts for other models.

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How can I buy them?

I’m from Portugal.


I want to buy tour stuff :slight_smile: !! How Can i do ?

@bozpet Is the offer still valid?

Sent a private message.

Sill available.

Shipping to EU + 17€
Shipping to Rest of the World + 27€

Hi, can you send me a private message

I’m interested LR2. As thick and study as possible.

Due the increase of aluminium worldwide, the price is now 60€ + shipping.

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0lease sned me a PM for a Set of LR2 parts in Aluminium with Delivery to Germany. Thank you very much.

im interested as well located in the usa