Aluminium injection mold making with MPCNC

I thought this would be an interesting share.

I needed some “corner bumpers” for a small production run and decided to try injection molding. I built a simple injection mold machine but the hard part really was the mold making. Designed with Fusion 360. After some practice I managed to make myself a nice aluminium mold using the trusty MPCNC. The bumpers turned out great. I can do 2-3 pairs a minute.

MPCNC used for injection mold making


That is awesome. I think that is the first injection mold I’ve seen made in an MPCNC and it is for an esp32 project. The part seems generic enough to use on other similar projects too. Very neat.

What kind of plastic does it use? ABS?

What is the project? An LED controller, perhaps?

Awesome on all fronts, that video looks like the aluminum was milling great for you. I would love to see a shot of the mold when you get a chance. Really seems like a fantastic looking part.

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I use Enflex TPV, a more (hard) rubberlike propylene material, Ideal for such corner bumpers. I intend to use red ABS for a small edge part. First have to design another mold for that.
The project (ConsoleCast) will be my next product. The casing was supposed to be more rugged then what I normally do (like this: RF Power Snitch ). It’s a wireless RS232 bridge, mainly intended to be used for network equipment console port usage (it can do modern USB type console ports too). It uses the new ESP32S2 which can act as a USB host device natively.


Yeah, after I got the feeds&speeds right it produced beautiful chips. Here’s a shot of the mold:


Can you chare those Feeds and speeds please?

For 3.175mm (1/8), single flute I used:

Spindle speed: 24000
Cutting feedrate: 500mm/min
Feed per tooth: 0.0208333mm
Ramp+Plunge: 120mm/min
Feed/Rev: 0.005mm

For a single flute 2mm, I used 25000rpm, 600mm/min


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