Aluminium tube ?

Hi everyone,
i’m a newbie with CNC, but I have some experience with 3D printers.
I will build a MPCNC with this size (workable dimensions) :
X : 600mm (total size : 864 mm)
Y : 400mm (total size : 664 mm)
Z : 100mm (total size : 290 mm)
Any problem with theses dimensions ?

I live in France, and my local reseller don’t have 25mm steel tubes. But he has aluminium tubes at a very low price.
Is it possible to use them or not for my size ?


The FAQ says : “Steel or stainless steel only, aluminum will not work for long (high point loads from the bearings will wear in a flat spot making it a loose fit).”

What about my size ?
In other words, what is the max size with aluminium tube ?

Pretty much any size. But use mid span supports. They can be found on Thingiverse.

OK and if I want to avoid using span, is my size Ok with aluminium tube ?

Try to avoid aluminum tubes.

The concern isn’t about the size of your aluminum. The problem with aluminum is that it is a very soft metal. It may seem to work okay at first, but your roller bearings will very quickly start to wear down the tubes. After that happens, no amount of adjustment or fiddling can fix it. You’ll have a wobbly, shaky, noisy, inaccurate machine.

Ok I understand… It’s a bad idea, so I will turn to steel tubes.
Your explanation should be paste ine the FAQ !
Big thanks for the speedy answers !

At that size with stainless steel 25.4mm I don’t know that you would need mid span supports. Easily added if you need them.

Maybe my Z is too great : I want only drill, mill, cut with laser and knife

I noticed a FAQ was added … great response time.

Look at the FAQ

Indredible !