Aluminum 2x72 Belt Grinder made with Lowrider

I love making functional stuff using my Lowrider.
Not all of the part here ware made using CNC, it didn’t make sense if it could be done with saw 50x times faster for some simple parts. But most critical pieces machined on lowrider.


Nice job!

Did you design that yourself? Or did you find plans some place?

Either way it’s real cool. And. hope it works well for you for a long long time!

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That’s impressive.

Cool Tool! :+1:

Did you do your own anodizing?

Paul, yes I did. It was easier than I expected.

Very cool. Also wondering about plans. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! That’s what made me curious. I’d only had some parts done once years ago when I was near a metal finisher with very reasonable rates. No longer the case but I’d read articles about doing it at home, just never tried it … yet. IIRC hard anodizing may be a bit more involved?

Tom, it was built around 2x4 aluminum tube which I stumbled upon on local marketplace.
Had to do my own design in Fusion360.


Well you did a nice job. I hope it works as well as it looks as it looks great.

Please let us know how it does after you use it a bit as I’d love to see updates. Maybe if you’re up for it, even a video! I know I’d watch you use it as long as it wasn’t too long and didn’t have awful music like too many Youtube videos!


Paul, I actually did hard anodizing as well for some of the parts, dark grey arm on the picture is hard anodized. The challenge with hard anodizing is heat removal, so I can only do it outside in the winter and adding frozen water bottles into the tub as it gets warmer.

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Tom, I’m working on a video now :slight_smile:
My previous Youtube vid got complains about not having music, LOL

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Go figure. BTW I don’t have a problem with music. I just think those who use it often use too much and stuff that is just repetitive and annoying. A little done right can be great.

Personally, I like Steve Ramsey and his Woodworking for Mere Mortals channel. He doesn’t use music. Rather he tells what he’s doing, adds a few tidbits and jokes and just overall tries to do a good job teaching and sharing knowledge. Now I know it’s old school and very much Norm Abramsish. But maybe I’m old and used to that more than repetitive nondescript music!

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Interestinger and interestinger. :crazy_face:

I wasn’t aware heat removal was the big issue. From what I’ve read, for ‘normal’ anodizing you can use regular fabric dye in solution?

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hard anodizing wouldn’t take a dye at all, oxide pores are too small to take it.
Level2 anodizing takes dye and yes you can use fabric dye, however not recommender.
Both methods require temperature control.

Neat, I wasn’t aware Caswell had an Australian site. Years ago I was visiting a friend in NH and saw he was having good success plating small motorcycle (nickel or chrome) with materials supplied by Caswell.

At any rate, I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing more of your work. :+1:


Tom, I like Steve Ramsey channel too. I wish I can talk well on camera, being introvert with English as a second language has it’s drawbacks.

@spacegrey yea yea. There’s a Russian guy that has a channel that does a great job. Sorry I can’t recall his name. He has an accent but he’s really good.
So I doubt your English would be an issue. Hell some Youtubers who are native speakers are awful and hard to understand. And I’m sure you couldn’t do worse.

Now the introvert part, I get as I’m right on the border of E/I on the Myers Briggs tests. In fact, I can decide which I am when tested depending on my mood ;-). All I can suggest there is if you really want to give it a try, then do it. Pretend you’re just doing it for fun. Or something else that works for you.

If not, tell me I’m out of my mind and I’ll shut up :wink:

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@tfaigle this makes perfect sense, I try it all the time and just have to keep on trying :wink:

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There’s a reason I don’t talk in most of my videos.

I prefer to just show what I’m doing. Most people can get enough information from that.

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@niget2002 some of us prefer to hear people talk. I’ll respectfully disagree. When you tell about your project, or what you’re doing you offer insight we can’t get just seeing. It’s basically losing a sense.

So more forms of sense is more forms of information transfer.

That said, I understand your point even if I don’t think it’s best.