Aluminum Cutting, Dewalt 660, Milling

So after many many tests I have settled on a way that works best for me to cut aluminum. I am cutting .063" 2024 T-3 sheet. These settings are what I have for using Autodesk Fusion 360:
Adaptive Clearing Process (This is very similar to Trochoidal Milling in Estlcam I believe)
Feed Rate: 22 in/min
Stepover: .020 inches
Depth of Cut: Cut all of the way through material into wasteboard
Entrance Profile: Helical plunge through
Tool: 1/8" Upcut Flat Endmill, 4 Flute (I am sure a 2 flute would work as well)
Spindle Speed: ?? I have a speed controller from Harbor Freight and it is turned down to about 1/2 speed. You may need to adjust this so the machine sounds comfortable.

I have set my gantry close to the table. I am able to stack one .75" thick MDF board, one .50" thick MDF board and have just enough room on the Z Axis to retract 15mm as called out in the post processor for clearance. This process does take longer but, the cut quality is fantastic and there is not chattering.

Here are a couple videos of the machine in action:

Let me know if I have left any information out or need any advice.
There is a photo of the finished product attached.

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Very nice looking cuts. What’s the cutting envelope on your machine?

I believe it is about 22 inches X 35 inches.

What speeds are you using to ramp? The 22 in/minute?

I am using 17 in/min for ramp. I also do a helical plunge through the whole stock.

Thanks for sharing =) I always wondered what setting were for the Trochoidal Milling in Fusion. I want to cut some custom RC car parts in Aluminum or Carbon Fiber and I’m sure these settings will come in handy.