Aluminum key chains

School year is coming to an end :cold_sweat: Made some aluminum keychains for my kid’s teachers. Long live MPCNC!


Nice! Is that Brass of Aluminum?

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Made it from 3mm aluminum sheet.

And…I just noticed the title. Thanks!

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My kid is planning a fundraiser at their martial arts school to help families that cannot afford the registration fees and/or the travel expenses for the tournaments. I suggested that we can make some trinkets for ppl to buy. I played around with a few options like a keychain and a bottle opener that can be customized with text, color, fonts, emboss/deboss, etc
Would love to get some ideas from folks on similar trinkets (wood or metal) that ppl might be willing to pay for. Of course, any other feedback is also welcome like how to improve the quality and looks.


Vbit carves in clear plastic, reversed. Fast and easy, and looks good from the front. Pretty easy to customize with names and such. Dog, Cat tags.


Thx Ryan. Tags are a good idea. Will order a V bit and get going.