Am I crazy

I’m in the middle of upgrading my rostock max v3 to a v3.2 I ordered an upgrade kit from the makers and just received the package. Upon going through the package it just didn’t feel like $380 worth of things. I add the same items individually to the cart minus a few wires and the burnt barely legible 10"x4" panel that says "rostock max v3.2 " and that comes out to about $260… I don’t understand.

The SeeMe guys are proud of their products, and price accordingly. They’re good printers though. The only issue I ever had with my V2 was I could never get it to print out to the edge of the build platform. Couldn’t keep it parallel to the base that far out.

Everything I have seen and read points to them being a company worth supporting but I’m not sure what justifies the $130 difference. I could literally buy everything in this kit from their website for $130 less.

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That’s a bit weird. Have you asked them about it? Maybe that panel and the wires are part of it?

I ordered a bunch of stuff from V1. I also bought some stuff on my own from other vendors.

Overall I felt his pricing was fair, his service was fast and the only issue was my lazy postal delivery person not wanting to deliver boxes to me. So I could try and blame @vicious1 for that, but it would be wrong.

Was he the cheapest? No. Was he the most expensive? Hell no. I felt the prices were competitive for similar quality and that vendors who were less were ones I didn’t feel comfortable buying from.

So my view is if you’re going to be part of this community then give him some business. In fact, once I get my MPCNC together, I’ll be ordering some cutters and a few other things from him. Again to support the community and because he seems to run a good business.


Your absolutely correct. Ryan does deserve our business and this community is indeed amazing. That being said this wasn’t about Ryan or V1. This was about Seemecnc who has got back to me refunded me the difference. I guess there was a problem with their website.


I only brought it here because I wanted to vent and the tune of their first response was “why didn’t you know what you were buying”. That left a bitter taste in my mouth. But they have since refunded me the difference.

@wellthad oh ok thanks for the clarification. If I was confused I’m sure others could have been too.

Mistakes happen. Vendors who will work with customers and give them a break on a first screw up are ones that I will become loyal to. Conversely, ones who have an attitude like you describe are ones I will do whatever I can to avoid. Customer service is so important. And I guess it’s why many of us appreciate the level of customer service that @vicious1 provides. Now if we could just get USPS to so even a so so job then I’d have nothing to complain about here :wink:


Weird. I’ve not had that kind of response from them. I had a weird issue where the wheels on the trucks was shucking plastic, they offered to replace them. They had never seen that happen before. I said if it starts to affect my prints, I’d call them back. I’ve been to their factory twice now. They’re all really cool folks.

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I’m sure they are. I’m not going to hold it against them. Things happen and in the end no harm no foul.


I have upgraded my Orion a few times over the years. Lately the shipping to Canada has been a problem (USPS and Covid) so I have been sourcing parts locally. SeeMe has always been right on with the support and information but you have to read carefully, the info tends to assume you know as much as they do sometimes. The printer has been a real workhorse and I have no complaints other than If I knew I would be using it so much I would have bought the larger one.

Barry, your parallel at edge problem sounds like a radius adjustment in the firmware. I also have the same problem with the soft plastic tires and I see they have new acetal wheels that may be a fix but I can get new locally if I need them.

Probably. We fought it for a while, then just settled on not printing to the edges. The controller eventually cooked itself, so I replace it with a railcore. GeneB(seemecnc docs writer) lurks around here sometimes too. He built a big mpcnc to turn into a plasma table. Not sure where he’s at on that project. I just saw he got a bunch of vintage computers, so he’s probably too occupied with those now.

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