Amalgamation of the last year

Between my 2 mpcncs I’ve made a ton of parts, from small to large.

Still have more to make :slight_smile:


The slicks are insane, and great work on the car!

If I may, I think the car would look better without the black lines on the fender extensions, because it make them look like they don’t belong with the rest of the car. Pretty sure removing the black lines would make them blend in much better.

Anyway, just a matter of taste, looks like a great car no matter what and I wish I had one!

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I think the lines sort of add to it and make it look like a transformer.

Man that has come out an absolute stunner! It must feel so good to have that sitting there “finished”. (I am sure there is always a little something to do, but you know what I mean!)

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Its a rubber strip to keep the fiberglass from being damaged/damaging the car. Its also a gap filler.

They only make it in black

For anyone that is interested, i also 3d printed the wing deck and covered with carbon fiber