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Ryan, did you get your sample of the shirt yet? Curious to hear what you think of it. If it’s any good, I may have to get me one!

Oh man I love it! I am kind of a t-shirt snob I screen printed for a few years and have see a ton of shirts. Normally the DTG looks pretty crappy, not these. Amazon didn’t skimp on the hardware. I have always loved the port and company shirts, the placement was aligned as I sent it in, and I already ran it through a hot wash in a load of towels (T-Shirt torture test).

I do want to make the logo a bit bigger on that first one, but I have two more samples do in over the next few days.

[attachment file=53203]
This is after that washing.


You’re not afraid you’ll die in the first episode with a red shirt?

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OMG! I hope that is still a thing on the new show.

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The shirt is really nice. I got one yesterday. It has a bit of a chemical smell to it which I’m sure will disappear after the first washing. I like the size of the logo.

Sweet thanks for that! I was timid with the logo size and then found out the scale it down for other shirt sizes, MED and down, women’s and youth as well.

Well if you like the size maybe I will leave it, and just do a white logo version as well.

I can only choose 5 shirt colors for some reason. For now I will just do a white and black version of all the logo stuff and any other designs that come along will get appropriate colors.

I have a giant logo shirt showing up today. I don’t know if I will even release it as it was just a test when I was accepted into the merch program and didn’t even put much thought into it. The one I am really stoked about says next Wed…

[attachment file=“logo of logos.png”]


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Let us know when the blue one hits prime time, I will definitively be buying one of those!

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Yea, I like that one too.

Sweet, I just got the shipping confirmation for that sample. I can release it now if you want one. I do trust the prints so far.

I just got the second one it, just a giant logo. I want to make this like the other one a giant logo of logos. It was already in there and approved so I ordered it.

Yea, the logo of logos looks cool.

I’m going to wear mine to see Black Panther in a little bit. :slight_smile:

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Just be sure to bring a jacket, in case the women won’t leave you alone.

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Do, bow bow, chick chicka chickaaa!

[attachment file=53996]


Just in time for the new one?

In all seriousness, let me know if you have any issues with it so I can pull it down. So far so good on my end with all of them though! One did smell like vinegar but I wash them first anyway.

Received my logo of logos T today. Going in the washer tonight and I’ll be sporting V1 swag at work tomorrow! I saw that new one too, man that one is sweet. Personally I like the cotton poly blend shirts, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of those for some reason.

I love the 50/50’s myself as well. Amazon has limited options for the moment. I think the DTG also sticks better to 100% cotton, not sure. There are a few things I wish they would change about the shirt program but it is pretty new and I am sure things will get better. They seem to be only focusing on making sure they do not violate any copyrights at first.

I have some all black shirts I got from Sam’s club when we were still in AK. Used them as under shirts for my BDU’s. Really wish I could find shirts that heavy again. They’re probably 15 years old now and are starting to fray around the collars. I like heavy cotton t-shirts, but no one seems to make them like that anymore.

I have a few carhart pocket t’s that seem pretty thick and solid. I don’t remember paying anything extra for them either.

So now that you’re an Amazon merchant, will your kits be available on Prime and all that jazz?