American Flag Build

Started working on an American Flag project. Finished the part that requires the CNC tonight. The Stars came out great. Will post a final pic once its done but for now here are the Stars.



Looks great, repetitive precision cuts are the CNC’s forte! Can’t wait to see the final project.

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Here is the final product, very happy with how it came out.

[attachment file=51475]
On the wall

[attachment file=51476]
Next to my MPCNC

Couple details for those that might be interested.

Inkscape - used it to find the ‘right’ star and turn 50 of them into a DXF file

Estlcam settings - Hole, 1/8" deep, 1/16" bit, speed 12mms

Project material - leftover 1/2" Red Oak from a panel wall project. Used a Vinegar/Steel Wool mixture to ‘weather’ the darker boards and left the other boards their natural color.

“What are you going to build with a CNC?”, she said (my wife).

“Whatever I want”, I said.

A lot of fun so far figuring this thing out - great community on this Forum which really helps.

Have a good one!



DUDE! So nice, Super clean joints between all the pieces you have some prior experience… So nice thank you for sharing.

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I think most of us have had that conversation. Good looking project!

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A 3D printer? Then a bigger CNC machine? Then a new version of the printer? And a sand machine…

MPCNC - the gateway tool…! Its an awesome platform.

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Really Cool !

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Too damn cool man! I really like it! Keep em coming!


Still having fun making flags, I’m on number five, same settings as above. This one is a gift for a friend. Smaller than the last one and comes on a stand not wall mounted. Scrap wood - now I can justify keeping it around!! ‘Merica


Those are awesome! Question for you, are they glued onto a backing? Or just glued and clamped together? And then did you run them through a planer to surface?

Man Cap those look good. I have got to get back out in the shop and attempt to make one myself.

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mulze - I edge glued them together and ‘clamped’ them with blue painters tape. The pieces were pretty square when I glued them so that was enough. I let it sit for a solid 24hrs for the glue to set before I messed with it and it came out pretty strong. For the backing I used black felt and spray adhesive and trimmed it down to size. No surface planer once it was finished, I left it a little rough on purpose and the planer would’ve removed the weathering that I applied. I was inspired by Heritage Flag which makes some really cool flags out of old bourbon barrels that have a very rustic look.

Pics below of the glue up that I’m talking about. This one is a Betsy Ross version with 13 stars that I’m working on now.

[attachment file=61626]

Have a good one




Thanks very much! Those Heritage Flag ones are awesome. Great work. I look forward to seeing more projects from you. You definitely have a nice little business going with these.

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Betsy Ross Flag finished

[attachment file=61663]


looks great !

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Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. In light of the holiday here is a flag that I made for a buddy earlier this week from some old barnwood that he had laying around.

Have a good one !

[attachment file=62982]


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Very nice. I’ve been making similar flags for some time and carving the stars by hand. I’m very new to MPCNC as I just ordered my kit last night, my hand can’t take anymore carving. Would you share your DXF files for the star patterns? It would help me a lot because I’m not even sure where to start…

A five point star is really easy to find, either as dxf or any of the other image formats. What you really want, I believe, is the proportions of the stars and stripes as they relate to the overall size of the flag. You have five rows of six stars and four rows of five stars in the space of seven stripes, and then six more stripes. If you start with the overall size you want, divide it into 13 stripes, then section off the star field in the top seven stripes you’ll pretty quickly see how big the stars need to be…

Thanks for sharing I plan on doing one of these as my first real project once the build is done!!