An embarrassingly simple question about dust collection

I finally got to use my DW660 with a 5/8" routing bit to surface a spoil board last weekend. Time is my major constraint with this project :smiley:

About 3 minutes in I decided that I probably am not going to be able to live without dust collection of some sort. I’m printing out Das Boot right now.

So now for the embarrassingly simple question:

Where does the hose attach to? I mean, I know it attaches to the boot, obviously, but then it goes up and ??? and then to the vacuum.
I’ve read you’re not supposed to attach it to the z-axis, so where do you attach it? The ceiling? Nowhere at all and I’m just over-thinking it?

Almost every picture I’ve seen is just a close up up where the hose attaches to the boot and nothing about how to support the hose.


I hope I’m being clear about what I’m asking :smiley:

You could have it suspended from the ceiling yes. You could have a piece of pipe, PVC etc protruding over the mpcnc and have it attached (supported) there. I like what I seen one do (can’t remember who), they used PVC pipe not as a support per we’re but part of the vac. The hose went up from the mpcnc about 2 feet amd attached to PVC which was attached to the wall. They probably had another small section of flexible at the other end to attach to the vac.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Should give you a rough idea. Lowrider has the swingarm at mid table. It’s three feet long, and can pivot about 180 degrees on hinges. The MPCNC hose is hung off bungees attached to the ceiling. One drops the hose roughly to the center of the table and the other drops it off the side so it doesn’t rub on the tube or belts. Also on both I have the power and control wire for the steppers running along the hose.

I used some extra conduit & zip ties.

Thanks guys, that helps a lot!

Jim: Is that conduit connected to the table or connected to the roller?
Also, I’m really diggin that drag chain setup you’ve got.

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Jim that is pretty slick. I have mine next to a gorilla rack, I might have to finally try a dust boot and something similar.

Barry has one on his LowRider that swivels as well.

I like it.


@Wizardpc it is attached to the table, but can pivot.
@Vicious1 Thanks, It’s my attempt for a vac shoe that attached to the gantry & not the tool mount.

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how did you attach to the gantry?