And here we....... go....

Thought I would start a new thread in the builds forum… as we are off the starting blocks…

As I mentioned in my ‘advice’ thread… my Flashforge Creator Pro printer is taking FOREVER to print the parts.

My feet for instance took well over over 4 hrs each… nearly double the time in the printed parts list.

Quality seems fine… just not sure why the heck so long


Rig size: 800 x 600 x 150. 25.4mm steel rails. Could not stretch to stainless. They are pretty meaty rails however.

Going to purchase the Rambo 1.4 board from V1, along with some milling bits.

Using a Makita ‘knockoff’ router … seems to get decent reviews.

Going to run a milling head and a laser. Can anyone recommend a decent laser setup? I can’t see the wood for the trees at the moment.


Also, what size drag chain? I think 10x30 or 10x25. Not installing a 3d printing head, so I think that should be fine.


I have an old vacuum here, so that will be used for dust extraction.

What layer height are you printing at? You can increase it, as you don’t need high resolution on these prints

Not sure layer height… will have to check

I don’t want to fiddle with the settings too much, as it is being pretty temperamental printing these bigger parts as it is.

Second attempt at the top corners just failed… my new roll of filament keeps jamming and causing under-extrusion.

Have to say, 3d printing sucks as a hobby

All that stuff happens for a reason…the bummer is it takes forever to figure out what little thing is causing it. Once printers are dialed in…years of 24/7 use.


I feel CNC milling is easier, interested to see how you feel about it in a few months.

My layer height is 0.20mm. Using PETG.

It’s taking twice as long as it should… but its dialled in now and making very nice prints.

So, I am not going to mess with it!

Can someone confirm these steppers will do the trick…

I am getting the Rambo 1.4 and the screen from V1, but they are out of stock of the steppers.

Do they need to be 0.9 degree or 1.8 degree?

I believe its 0.9?

All parts printed in Petg.

All parts here… except the Rambo 1.4 board and screen.

Just went to order those from the store, but they are $80 shipping! That blows my budget… damn

Looks like project on hold unless I can source one in the UK

Most any board will work but you would need to make some firmware edits first.

OK… Think I have a board + screen sorted. I have a Rambo + Screen in my old (unused) RoStock Max 3d printer.

Does anyone have any recommendations for types of Milling bits I should get for my first attempts?

I am using my Katsu 3/8" and 1/4" Router that I have had for a while. Is it worth trying to source an 1/8" chuck for this?