Android App Driven - GCodePrintr

After reading about this app it almost sounds like it should be able to drive the MP CNC and also be able to provide email/txt/how ever you want it to contact you alerts for a few things through tasker. The other cool thing is that you’ll be able to use the internal camera of the android device to monitor your milling.

I don’t have my machine ready yet to try this out but I was curious if anyone else would be interest in this kind of a solution. Letting me know how things go for them since we all have the same machine. The only thing that might differ might be the android device.

I’m currently still trying to get my driver current set properly and wiring up my motors properly since I order everything off ebay.

I hope to keep everyone updated as I progress but for now I’m still in the build stage.

It should work with the Marlin firmware. Especially if you’re using the MPCNC with a print head.

To these kinds of things (and repetier, and octoprint), they can get confused with CNC gcode, because the entire gcode looks like travel movements. As long as this app isn’t too particular, it should be fine. It definitely doesn’t seem like it would break anything to try.

If it works as good as MatterControl’s tablet, run. Run fast, and don’t look back. Thing’s a piece of $200 garbage.

At this point I don’t even know if I’ll get there. I’m currently having trouble setting the current limit on my drivers. When I use a multi meter and turn th pot the voltage does’t change. Any ideas on what could be wrong? I followed the video by starting to set it up without the motor. I’m not sure if it is my set up or my use of a multi meter since I can’ get a reading from the top of the pot.

How about a picture of how you locate your probes and your power.

probe 1 power ground-probe two top of pot, voltage will be .1v to 2v DC, does your meter go low enough?

I was able to resolve my issue by touching the probe directly to the chip. But Back to the App @ hand. I’m going to check out the free version.