anet a8 hardware

I was courious if i could use the the hardware and the board off my anet a8 to use as the electronics and motors?

Yes, depending on use (in this case it needs to be light). Compare some of the specs to the recommended list.

do you mean as far as the cutter goes? it will only be for wood carvings


Minimum stepper size I recommend is 42 OZ/in, what does that printer come with? Can you edit the firmware? A few have asked this question already and I am not sure what they came up with, I can tell you best case is you will have 42oz/in and a board that can barely drive them. We use 76ozin.

That was me, Ryan. After considering all of the changes needing to be made, and the unreliability of the Anet A8, I am not going to go that route. I decided to start with new parts from the ground up and avoid any issues my Anet had. While I’m sure it can be adapted, the cost saving doesn’t equal the headaches you’ll have. Better to start new with fresh parts from the beginning. I’m saving up for my Lowrider build now and planning to print my parts with my Anet (I hope). It freezes up and does some funky things once in a while.

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I also have an ANET A8 as a second 3D Printer for learning and fiddling. My goal is to use its hardware minus the acrylic and put into a MP3DP once I get my MPCNC finished. The electronics are fine, running Marlin 1.1.9 with an upgraded PSU and a mosfet. That acrylic is the worse, way too much jitters and the noise is quite annoying.