Another Aussie Build

Another aussie build.

It’s taken so long it’s a version 1! But it’s now running.

Used a local Ozito Router cause it’s cheap and 3d printed a mount for it.

Pic’s to prove it’s real :wink:

[attachment file=106829]
[attachment file=106830]


Nice! Mine is V1 too. I see my vacumn attachment in there. I was thinking of routing some channels on the bottom to connect that hole to the router’s. It has stuck to the table on me once or twice.

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Once you have a CNC all the rest of the versions are easier and quicker to transition to when you’re ready. Glad you built it either way!

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Thanks. Good idea. It hasn’t stuck yet…

I was thinking of redoing the mount to include the vacuum as per the Version 2 but in the meantime some channels would be good.

Hi Tim, I think I’ve bought the same router to use in my Lowrider build. Would you be willing to share the stl file for your printed mount?

Just made my lowrider 2 cnc come alive today one very happy Tasmanian. All the hours of printing and Head scratching paid off bed 900*1800. Just one thing if you tread this Ryan, the power supply you send with the kit. The plug does not fit Australian sockets so I cut it off replaced it with one of ours, might be worth considering. All in All one happy little Vegemite. Great to see it move already investigating laser and mini Rambo and what code I have to change. Cheers Guys

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The solution to the laser is here: (and pages 10, 11).

I wonder if Ryan could chime in and tell us if the fix was placed on the mini-rambos he has been shipping recently?

I just updated the firmware and did not make the changes as I do not know if the “problem” still exsists. We are far ahead of the official version of marlin so changes are being made daily. Lasers are currently being tweaked and they know it was not functional as it was. I think it has been addressed but have not verified, I do not have a functional laser to test with and my next one will be a Jtech and does not use the same controls as the imports.

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I will have my 10w hooked up today and I will put it through the paces with the Marlin firmware you shipped with the mini-rambo.

I have not shipped any boards with yesterdays firmware changes.

Just wondering where in Tassie you sourced the stainless rails? Thanks.

Atlas Steel invermay Launceston 25,4 not cheap but they will cut to length, keep in touch nice to have someone to bounce ideas off.
Cheers Wayne

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