Another black and orange one :)

Hello all. Been lurking for awhile but this is my first post about my MPCNC. Up until March I knew nothing about 3d printing or CNCs but a little while back I was fairly competent in Autocad back in the R10 and R12 days. Long story short, bought an Ender 3 Pro in March, started learning FreeCAD, saw this really cool MPCNC and figured why not give it a go.

Powered by an old benchtop PSU I had lying around.

Controller box with Arduino UNO and CNC shield


And my very first part for another project!!!

Honestly, this has been a lot of fun and feel free to point out anything I’ve done wrong, I really didn’t feel like I needed to ask any questions during the build. If I couldn’t figure something out, all I had to do was jump on this forum and do some searching. It’s a really great resource with a lot of helpful people.

The only difference is that I’m using GRBL for firmware and controlling it with a cel phone via a Bluetooth connection. I don’t have a laptop and wifi is a bit of a stretch in my garage. So far it seems to work great. I do have the issue of my XY gantry being slightly off but when I square it up and energize the steppers it prints square. My Z is also off by about a mm across the table but after searching the forum I opted to just run it for a bit and learn the machine before worrying about the bugs. It’s accurate enough for me for now as I start learning better CAM skills.


Hey, I was an AutoCad R10/12 guy too…ah, those were the days…

Good looking build, welcome!

Looks like a great built.

If that is an antistatic bag under your arduino, you’ll want to get rid of that. They are conductive, so if they wrinkle up, they can short stuff.

I like the idea of the crown on the tape.

Well stupid me. That is an antistatic bag. I thought it would have the opposite effect. I will take it out immediately. Thank you.


It is a very organized, and well thought out build. You’re clearly not stupid. :+1:

So did I, for a long time. Then someone pointed out the fact that anti-static bags work by conducting the charge more readily (allowing it to discharge immediately, rather than build to a chip-frying level), not by insulating anything from a charge.

A friend of mine toasted a pi. They told me they were getting a replacement (I guess he bought it from digikey, and they were OK replacing it). He was pretty mad, and he even told me, “I always kept it on the anti-static bag, so I know it didn’t get shocked”. Oops. It is an understandable mistake though.

It’s out now. It was just my OCD in the first place. Thank you for the compliments.