Another build size question

I just had a questing about recomended build size for first time CNC build. This is my first CNC build, but I have built several 3d printers, and other things like race quads.

I am looking to do wood routing, probably drag knife, and ocasional aluminum or G10 cnc. It seems like using the 24" foot print would only give me about ~13.5" of working space. Will I run out of space for wood CNC and vinyl quickly, or do people see to find it nice workable size.

I will be using 3/4" EMT conduit, I am already ~50hours into printing. How is the regidity if I move up to a 24" or even 18" working space? Is their a stainless steel upgrade for (23.5mm OD) 3/4" conduit readily available in the states, or would I need to reprint some?

It would be nice if I can get a tight enough tollerance for press fitting things made out of MDF or G10.


I would say this. You can leave the rails and belts long to make any size you want. It is best to start small and learn the machine. If you want to go bigger later it is just a few screws.

I built mine using the dimensions inherent in the 10 foot conduit pieces. Split one equally into three pieces, do the same with a second, then use a 5 foot piece to generate everything else. It will give you just barely under 24" square build size.

Of course I was impatient and just plowed ahead. I should end up with about 18" working space. I used 20’ of conduit and have 40" left. That ended a little less then 6" over the recomended starting size, . If it doesn’t work out then I can always go smaller.

It’s not the size of your axis, it’s the rigidity of your gantry…

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