Another conduit size question for INT

Hi! I have just started printing all the parts, and i want to order the conduits so i can proceed the project when the printing is done (takes me a few days).
My idea is to have a working space of 122 x 61 CM (~48x24) since in the netherlands the most common MDF plates are that size (or double). Is this size rigid enough to also work with aluminium? Or it it too big (i want to use a Kress 1050, and upgrade later to a chinese spindle with VFD).

Also is 2mm innersize of the pipes enough? I cannot find any others so it seems…


2mm wall thickness on the conduit, should work. The important dimension is the outside diameter (OD).

You can make the machine as large as you would like, going bigger usually just effects the tolerances a little. I am not sure what you are cutting and what kind of tolerances you expect. The machine can easily be made 2’x4’ though.

Yeah it should work, i just have to make sure the pipes did NOT have an “annealing” threatment. I think like 80% of what i find have been treated because mostly those pipes are used in an environment where they need to be bend, like in walls etc. However this heating process makes the steel A lot weaker, and because i want to go for big one i need to make sure it’s not treated. I am pretty sure A lot of the builders got weak steel because of this.