Another dual belt setup

I’ve been looking for a solution to fix the flexing belts of my 2000mm long y axis and came across some dual belt designs on the internet. They inspired me to design a ‘add on solution’ for my LR2
For example, there was an idea from Braun’s CNC on his MPCNC who decided to switch back to single belt because he was not very happy with the different tension of the static belt and the drive belt…
So I decided to tension the belts together, even with the static belt being attached to the table with double sided tape.
I also added the system to the X axis to have the same accuracy on both axis.

I already did some cuts but nothing what has to be very accurate in dimensions. But it works really good so far! :+1:

I will do some test cuts this weekend to see if I gained the accuracy I was looking for.

I will also add some screenshots from CAD for better explanation :slight_smile: