Another German MPCNC with plans for an upgrade

A beautiful good morning.

Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen.

Short background information about me:

I’m a German Engineer (m/26) with a bachelor in mechanical engineering which I graduated with back in 2016.

After working three years, full time, as an engineer and got my own project responsibilities in 2019, I noticed that I could handle the mechanical part but my knowledge lacked on the electrical side of the projects.

Therefore I decided to do my master degree in mechatronics.

Due to the fact that the electrical engineering subjects taught are on a quite advanced master level, I’m trying to tackle the basic electronics by learning-by-doing.

So after a few smaller projects I came up with the idea of building myself a MPCNC.

I’ve always been fascinated about 3D-Printing and CNC processing. I even did a certificated “CNC Grundlehrgang” back in 2013. (Something like a two week crash course.)

Consequently I fired up my 3D printer and dove heads first into the project.

First of all many thanks to @vicious1 for his phenomenal work and great effort he/you put into this project for sharing all the files an information with me/us and for the excellent and detailed instructions on how to build this beauty.

Also thanks to @Unclephil for his/your great YT videos on this topic, which really got me hooked and increased my will to start building one on my own. I’ve just today ordered the parts for the famous Tillboard from Worg, so thanks to the community “Werkstatt” as well.

If I’ll get my Primo up and running in time and be able to convince one of my professors to supervise a MA thesis, I might be able to spend some time working on a feature that could be used for the MPCNC as well.

But for now, enough said. Let’s get back into building.


Prints and assembly are looking really good so far.
I love the fact that everything can be printed without support.
It’s noticeable how well thought through everything is.


To mount the feet I need a table.
So I came up with a quite easy table design that allows for future optimisations, like a dust collection, drawers, etc.

It’ll be made from simple 60x80 mm square timber and 8 mm plywood.
The piece in the middle will be a spoil board and therefore easily removable.
The dimensions of my MPCNC are 1300x900 measured at the outside of the feet.

Does anyone know the rough distance between the “table size” and “workspace” in X and Y at the 0,0 and the opposite corner?

Just so I get the positioning of my spoil board right.
I’m planning to use a Bosch POF 500 as the tool. I think it is comparable to the Dewalt DW660 in size.


Awesome, glad to have you on the crew!

Best to find out how your tool mounts and verify yourself, it varies greatly. (roughly 1.5" each direction for my build from the inside edge of the corner)

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Very warm welcome! I’m looking forward to see your build! Did you get all your stuff before the lockdown 2.0?

Have you already decided on a control board?

kind regards from Hamburg

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Thank you for your friendly welcome.

@vicious1 ok I will try to find it out myself. But therefore I’ll first need to look for a mount for the Bosch POF 500 that works with the Primo, or create an own one.

@Directlaw unfortunately not. I still need my lumber. But my local hardware store has a drive-in which is still open, according to their website. So if my construction plans are ready, I’ll give it a try.
I’m going for the Tillboard. But honestly, I’ve got very little experience in working with these control boards, so I will stick to the instructions as good as I can, at least for the beginning.

Kind Regards from the Deutschen Weinstraße.


No Kress/AMB spindle?

Kind regards from the Händelstadt.

I got the Bosch POF 500 from my grandfather, so it’s a little bit older.
But is there any major downside compared to a Kress spindle?

Hi Rayham,

same situation here. I also have an old POF500 which I want to use. Did you find any good tool holder for the Primo? How is your experience with the Pof 500?

Ben (also from germany :))

Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen Ben,

Honestly I didn’t find one, but I made one myself.
I’ll upload the .stl to Thingiverse for you.
Unfortunately my my POF500 quit service during the construction of the substructure, so I have no experience with the POF500 in combination with the Primo. But if you can use my holder my work wasn’t in vain, at least.

I’ll post the link as soon as they are ready to download.

Ok, here we go:

Hammer Danke!!! Freut mich total :smiley:
I thought I needed to construct my myself and was not sure if I manage.
So big Thanks