Another lowrider, chris893

Laser cut parts

If you look closely, you can see a slightly warped motor mount in the top right corner. I didn’t notice until assembly. I reoriented the parts and they printed fine, no warping. The room my printer is in is poorly insulated and has drastic temp swings.

I’m always happy when I wake up to a successfully completed print

After this print I ran into issues with my printer. The printer wouldn’t home x from sd or usb port. Turns out that one of the wires on the x endstop had broken off at the soldering point. I don’t have pics and wouldn’t dare post a pic of my poor in place soldering job, its working again though. Hang in there little printrbot, a MP3DP is on the way…

Main components assembled:
Now if I could just get the time to build the table and cut some steel…

Oh My God!!! That is sexyyyyy. I can’t wait to see more.


This is beautiful! I was hoping to be able to use acrylic as well, since our laser cutter at work can cut 1/4" Acrylic, but not 1/4" plywood. I’m probably about a third to half of the way through printing parts.

Looking forward to seeing more updates!


Any updates on this? I am kinda itching to see this thing assembled.