Another LR3 Downunder (NZ)

After having purchased motors, stainless tube & bearing for a LR2 build that stalled, I’ve finally restarted on an LR3.

Most parts printed, contemplating getting XZ and YZ plates laser cut from aluminium.

Gantry mostly assembled - will probably remake struts when up and running. Currently just under 7mm thick - clearances are tight but no contact with core.

Have had issues printing the core - 5th time’s a charm.


You should have used the blue filament the first time. Core in red is doomed to fail :upside_down_face:


Looking good! I made the build so easy, your printer had to throw in some excitement.

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Hi Where did you get rod here in NZ. Cheers

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Hi Barry,

I got it from Steel & Tube. 1 length is 6m for $67.97 + gst Stainless 304 25.4 x 1.5mm Handrail tube

6m is just right for 1.2 x 2.4 working area machine.

But it looks so good. Now it’s starting to resemble a Smurf.

14yo son got a look at the assembled gantry and said it’s an automatic drinks dispenser. I don’t know where he gets it from.

Thanks for that have you made LR3 if so how is it I ordered last night so will have to get printing. Barry

Sorry just remembered the photos above, did they deliver tube as I’m trying to source in Auckland.

I’m still in the build stage - it’ll be a while.

I picked up the tubing from S&T Albany, but it had come from their East Tamaki branch.

Cheers East Tamaki is close to me Mt Wellington.

Any chance of getting 2 sets and split cost. Cheers Barry

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Sounds like a plan. I’ve yet to forward the drawings off to the local laser cutter but will shortly. Will let you know.

Thanks hear back soon.

Hi, another NZ’er here - Hows this build coming along?

I have just started printing mine.

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