Another mpcnc in Argentina

I’ve started to print a J MPCNC as I’ve bought 1" stainless steel tube. It’s a small build, as the work size will be 225mm x 225mm.

More printed parts. All fits great, here testing the tube with the bearings.

Nice I love the black hardware!

Slowly I’m printing and assembling all the parts.
I’m printing at 30mm/s, .35mm nozzle and .2 mm layer… it’s very slow, but the parts are tough and very nice. All fits great.

it might speed things up a bit to use .26 or .28 mm layer height. .26 is recommended, but .28 divides by .35 better. where you found a .35 nozzle i dont know… but whatever.

jaja from China! It comes with my diy 3d printer kit… (geeetech)

the one i got from china was somewhere between .4 and 1.2 … jk
it was all f’d up to print with.

Productive sunday… almost ready. Starting to think how I’ll wire steppers (serial or parallel??) and run the wires…

My first test… gcode generated with easel

Today I’ve finished my spoilboard with threaded inserts and made my first dremel machining… It’s very simple but I think is great!

A video of my first “cut”

And some pictures attached form the mpcnc with the dremel attached and the chinese 5.5w laser.

Dang, that is super clean.

Thanks Vicious. Really it’s a great machine. Thanks for sharing it.

Hola, para las piezas usaste PLA o ABS? Saludos.

Hola, usé pla max de printalot. Las piezas quedaron excelentes.

This christmas Santa brought me a rotary power tool to replace my dremel. It’s a Martin’s 735 (An argentinian brand, so it’s easier to get replacements and cheaper than Dewalt/Dremel tools).
It has 420W of power, 25000 rpm, 1/4 and 1/8 clamps.

I was testing pine wood and mdf cuts. It’s like cutting butter.
I’ll try aluminum milling tomorrow.

Very nice build, congratulations!
it seems from the pictures that your motors have encoders? How do did you wire them on the RAMPS? Do they work in closed loop?

Thank you @proud. My motors are just regular nema 17.

First aluminum test run…

Not so bad, not so good… I have to make more tests…

Testing some vinyl cutting. Really the MPCNC it’s a versatile machine!