Another MPCNC, stainless

New Stainless build, 25.4mm, 24"x24" footprint.
This one is my new part printer, drag knife vinyl cutter (since apparently I can die cutting it with the laser), and laser etcher. I’ll keep beating up the other ones as routers/mills.

I had to make this to test out the new series wiring harnesses. Built it just big enough to 3D print the MPCNC parts for the kits.

Since I won’t be milling on this one I screwed everything to the underside, kinda portable.

Stainless is hard to work with If you can get your supplier to cut it to length do it, I killed a band saw blade and a cold cut saw blade. Would have been cheaper to have them cut it for sure.

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Looking very clean!

nice. now I wanted to make one :smiley: this would be a great large footprint 3d printer

Wow, amazing. That’s a sexy looking machine, looks like a rendering. I wish I had the room to build another machine. Definitely feeling that itch…

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