Another new mpcnc build in FL

I’ve started building my mpcnc here in Florida. Hadn’t been to a home depot in a while, as work has kept me busy. What is with the wood prices all of a sudden…? (Rhetorical question) I was planning on building a table and basically a insulated enclosure around it. Call me crazy, I’m not paying almost $10 for a 2x4… So, for a temporary table I found a solid wood dining table on Craigslist for $40. After screwing it together so it can’t open for leaves anymore, I have a very solid table for my machine. Now, I have to widen one side by two inches, which I have the material to do. The problem I’ve run into is the spoilboard. I can’t cut out the table top to have it flush or risk weakening my table structure. Is there any reason I can’t just make the legs 3/4" taller so I don’t lose any of my z distance?

Not a problem at all