Another new table base

Turbine style slat table…

I had to install a center spider plate. It was to much like a spring without.

I’ll post again once it’s completed…


I got my plasma…thanks to your inspiration (again)! I hope to get even half the quality out of the cuts as you do.


Wow! That’s impressive!

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What machine did you get? Will we see an official v1 cnc design for plasma?

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I hope so, that is next on my list.

When I make some more choices I will open a new thread. Right now I am just using it by hand to get a feel for the capabilities, and doing a lot of research.

What machine did u get? For good cut quality without alot of fabrication experience hypertherm b the way to go. If by any chance you got an everlast like mine I could share all my settings.

I don’t have a Plasma cutter, but a friend has one I could probably borrow, and I’ve been thinking about this a little myself.

Personally, rather than building a CNC Plasma cutter, and dealing with all of the attendant shielding and RFI issues, I’m thinking of using the CNC router to cut patterns I can trace with the Plasma cutter.

Something like this…

I cheaped out and got the cut60. I will not be using it nearly as much as you do.

That will be the first thing said if I publish any sort of CNC plasma build guide. Patterns are by far the easiest way to go for multiple cuts, mini production. Probably how I will start getting more use out of this since THC adds a bit of new hardware and software for me.

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Don’t forget to protect your skin and peepers from radiation, and lungs from aerosolized metal dust. Have fun with it! Ill look forward to your thread!

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Have you upgraded to QTPlasmaC yet?

No, Linux CNC is intimidating… Maybe if u post another walkthrough! Lol

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What are the advantages? I have a 100% reliable machine now, I want to add ohmic sensing soon but other then that there would have to be some juicy stuff for me to change much now… Compared to mach3 though… It does everything I need and then some! Really I’d love to throw a giant plasma on it as I do a ton of heavy material with oxy fuel but 3 phase power is an issue!

I don’t know yet. I’ve just been poking around with it in simulation mode in a virtual machine. It’s a new GUI specifically designed for plasma, the shop environment, and (optional) touchscreen.

I understand that PlasmaC is now depreciated and that QTPlasmaC is where the updates are going to be coming.

The setup is easier too. The plasma config along with it’s plasma specific inputs/outputs can be setup directly in pncconf instead of that longer multi-step process I outlined in my posts. I’ll probably rebuild a config and document steps soon. However, I appreciate if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!



I just spent a half hour reading the cnc plasma basics page. The info contained in that page alone makes me believe this is where I should start. Very complete.

Hmm, maybe I will have to check it out!


Now that it is all together what sort of finish are you going to put on that?

Just raw oiled steel, this one is for a friend who has a large maple round for it.

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Table base with 139yr maple round top installed