Another Noob Q, not getting scale x or y travel

X and y travel only about 40% of request, ie 100 mm manual request from Repetier gets 40 mm.

z travel is good.

  1. Did you buy everything from here? Yes
  2. Are you using end stops? Nope
  3. PC

Check your pulleys. Are they tightened?

How are you coming up short? Gcode, manual, what software. Zip up the gcode lets have a look.

all set screws are tight on stepper drive wheels

feels like teeth per mm is off somewhere? but i am a noob?

also resists going past 200 mm in either x or y direction (80mm) see test file drawing

manual moves above test drawing

I reflashed with the marlin.ino file the other day (866 KB)

Are you using my firmware? 200mm is a 3d printer thing, I have that turned off in mine.

So I am looking at this page

Felt a bit confused before, and I am still confused by which “firmware I need from above”?

I do have an LCD screen from you also.

I may have gotten the correct file from added to my Arduino library, but I am not sure if I did or how I would know.

I flashed with RC7_MPCNC_LCD_9916.ino, works much better now.