Another...Random box of parts

Thought this could be fun

So many things just sitting here.

New boards, lots of random parts.

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I have another box that is similar after this one is gone. I have so many random things from the last 5 years, maybe you can put them to use!

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That is a great idea.

Forgot to set the end date a little sooner. I will try to change it.

man. this is giving me some great ideas for cleaning out my shop…

I see #RBOC taking off in the near future on ebay

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Yeah seems like a solid use of stuff, take what you want add to it, rinse and repeat! I have another one to put up but I will be sure not to list it for 7 days, probably 3 next time. I haven’t sold anything on ebay on a very long time, live and learn.

…but I do love having stuff around, just in case. I feel it was getting a little excessive though and I am trying to to a revamp and clean up of the new shop. With the current world situation I am having to hold more inventory so I need the space all these random boxes where taking up.

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New box