Another...Random box of parts

Thought this could be fun

So many things just sitting here.

New boards, lots of random parts.

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I have another box that is similar after this one is gone. I have so many random things from the last 5 years, maybe you can put them to use!

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That is a great idea.

Forgot to set the end date a little sooner. I will try to change it.

man. this is giving me some great ideas for cleaning out my shop…

I see #RBOC taking off in the near future on ebay

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Yeah seems like a solid use of stuff, take what you want add to it, rinse and repeat! I have another one to put up but I will be sure not to list it for 7 days, probably 3 next time. I haven’t sold anything on ebay on a very long time, live and learn.

…but I do love having stuff around, just in case. I feel it was getting a little excessive though and I am trying to to a revamp and clean up of the new shop. With the current world situation I am having to hold more inventory so I need the space all these random boxes where taking up.

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New box

WHAT, ebay charges 10% final sales price plus a listing fee. Why would anyone sell there???


wow that seems excessive… though less than the 30% that apple and google charge for App Store sales

Yeah caught me off guard. Next time I will do a silent auction from the site.

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We need a V1-Bay @ 5%

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I always keep an eye on that stuff. Patreon, paypal, ebay. My current fees are 2% + $0.30 on shopify.

Hell of a business, kick back and skim 2% off the top…


Nice. I pay the standard 2.9% + 0.30 on my site. Moving to shopify currently. Shipping, sales fees, and website subscription fees run around 10%.

I’ve sold a good bit on amazon and ebay. Ebay at least is straightforward… not much in the way of surprises. I stopped selling there once I realized my quality (and price) greatly exceeded the ebay norm for my products. I started getting poor feedback because my prices were considerably higher than similar items.

Amazon was worse, particularly with amazon fulfillment. Fees (including fulfillment) ran a bit north of 30% of sales. Returns were a solid 10x more than website sales. Customers were mostly good but I did get to deal with a handful of threats from customers wanting free stuff.

I also strongly dislike that amazon mandates that prices seller use on amazon must be equal to or lower than prices a seller offers elsewhere.

Every situation is unique, but yeah… ebay fees are considerable and it’s probably no more work to list there than it is to say put a clearance/misc item on ones website.

For these things, you have a pretty good audience on your site!

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IDK, realtors take 6% of the price of a house (which is skewed, because most people don’t pay off the house before selling it again, so you could look at it as 6% of 100%, but you might only pay 20%, so it is 30% of what you paid for it). And yet somehow, they can’t keep the little fliers in the sign from emptying. I can’t wait for that to become a thing of the past. You can pay for a personal lawyer to look over the deals for a flat fee much less than that.

I am willing to give ebay 10% to get more traffic. But if you’re pushing traffic from here to ebay, then that feels backward.


I would love to find a fulfillment option. That would solve so many issues. Unfortunately I am just not willing to pay those sorts of fees.

Realtors…yikes. Around here at least if you are a realtor you can to buy or sell your own house. Another person has to come in. I had one friend have to pay another friend to sign papers…from what I was told neither gave each other a good deal. The percentage makes no sense, I just don’t understand how signing the exact same papers costs more one way or another…at least not that much more maybe some sort of increase but dam…I gotta stop or I will just keep going. I seriously considered getting into real estate when I want to semi retire…

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Most of the realtors (mine at least), if you use the same realtor to both sell your house and buy the next one, then they typically waive the percentage on the house you buy.

Also, around here, it’s typical for the seller to pay all closing costs. It just comes out of your profit on the sale of the house. Since my realtor is a friend of ours, they gave us the friends and family discount on their percentage of the cut. I think it saved us 1 or 2%.


The way I have seen it done here (and maybe it is regional). The seller signs a contract with the realtor to pay them about 6%. This also says that if the buyer has a realtor, the seller’s realtor will pay the buyers realtor 2.9%. So the buyers agent is really being paid by the seller, but the pitch is that selling with a realtor will increase the price paid for a house significantly more than the fee. There is usually another clause which is, if the buyer doesn’t have an agent, the seller agent gets all 6%, or sometimes it’s written that they can get 4.5% with no BA.

We bought our house without a buyers agent. One of the seller agents (we met a bunch of them, because they were showing us the houses) straight up offered to give us 1.5% out of his cut to sell the house, since we didn’t have an agent.

If I ever go through that again, if things like redfin/zillow haven’t completely broken the monopoly, I am going to get my realtor license and then help out all my friends.

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100 a4988 drivers anyone?