Another Star Wars Carve

This one was quick and easy. Designed in Inkscape with the Aurebesh font and a free DXF of the imperial logo.

Finished with black gloss paint and a hand applied graphite powder finish.

Aurebesh Reads: Galactic Empire / Death Squadron


I love that graphite finish.

How big is that?

I was trying to draw the Imperial cog in FreeCAD and it kept breaking my constraints. (Probably proving that I’m going about constraining my drawings incorrectly.) Huge numbers of arc segments in that drawing…

I think this is 30cm diameter or so…I didn’t bother trying to draw it, just nabbed a svg off off Wikimedia and traced it in Inkscape. I think it would easier to draw if you started with a number of concentric circles and then started to add the lines…I think they’ll all converge on the centre…now I’m gonna have to try drawing it in fusion or OnShape :slight_smile:

Yah, that sorta worked. Drew a circle with 100mm diameter, then concentric circles with a reducing radius of 8mm (ie 92, 84, 76, etc.) then added 60 radial lines (not sure this is the correct number, but looks OK), rotated by 3 degrees to align and then figured out the pattern for one area - repeated it 6 times in a circular pattern and there we go…

Link to my fusion file…

I’ve done it in Fusion, and in TinkerCad. I was trying in FreeCad, and it kept deciding that some constraint was redundant, and removing it, then complaining that it wasn’t fully constrained. Put the removed constraint back in, and it removes a different one. It always comes down to the last few line or arc segments before it goes wacky. Either I’m doing things in a weird order that it can’t handle, or I’ve hit some other limitation. I don’t know which, because error messages are lol.