Another Texas Build

Here’s my story. Sorry if its long.: Got a Robo3d R1+ from a Amazon goldbox deal a little over a year ago because 3D printing! Thingiverse and forums were alight with “MPCNC” this “MPCNC” that. Looked intimidating and daunting, but added to the list of things to 3d Print. Fast forward to 2017, the MPCNC 525 revision had been around long enough, stable enough, and well documented enough for me jump in. That and I think I had a good grasp on the 3d printering thing.

After a few days of forum perusing, and getting the list of all the parts I needed to print, and hardware and electronics mapped out, I sourced most all parts from ebay/china to save a few dollars. Thanks Ryan for having everyone so well documented, that nothing was hard to find. Some of your parts links are a bit inconsistent, but I think I managed to put 2 and 2 together and get the right parts ordered.

Pros and Cons with cheaping out on ebay/china, Pro: I saved a few bucks. Cons: a. the parts took forever to get here b. Not all parts came in working condition, so then it took longer to get replacement parts. Luckily, I was in no rush so was patient with the parts coming in as a printed all the pieces.

Decided on 24" x 24" x 4" footprint, useable space around 13" X 13". Learn small, expand if I have to.

Printed everything in PETG, I read of issues with the less rigid material, but I like PETG. Midway through, got a massive clog in the stock hexagon hotend. Long story short, had to rebuild the xcarriage, extruder, replace hotend with e3dv6. Should have done this a long time ago. Two iterations of printer parts later, I finished my prints, eventually received all my parts, and assembled.

Lessons learned so far:

  1. Setting the voltage on your drivers when only plugged into the computer USB is a bad idea. Almost fried the Z-Axis stepper, it was running HOT.
  2. I used the collet fan on the Dewalt 660… it blows dust off the workpiece for sure…Blows it away from my vacuum. I have on my list to make a downdraft table, it will work quite nicely hand in hand with the collet fan.

obligatory tubes and parts pic:
[attachment file=34440]


[attachment file=34441]

[attachment file=34442]

Pen Plot test:

[attachment file=34443]

They say “everything is bigger in Texas”… well except for my garage :frowning:

[attachment file=34444]

Got it a little dirty, still learning and fine tuning

[attachment file=34445]

Also slapped on a drag-knife and made a stencil for my bosses birthday cake:

[attachment file=34446]

Awesome story! I think yours is a common story around these parts. Hang around and read, buy slowly, build slowly with patience. Because of this you are starting off very successfully. You build looks great, and you already got it dirty, major points in my book!

For one full batch of the hexagon extruders (1100) me and one of the previous robo3d cofounders sat in china and hand assembled them in the hotel room every night after QC’ing printers all day. The bad one must have been one we didn’t do! ? We called it the city of 1000, because we had to every step at least 1000 times.

Thanks Ryan. That is interesting that you were that involved in the Robo…My clog wouldnt have been an issue had I been able to take it apart. The M4 screws holding the gregs wade to the x-carriage stripped the injection molded plastic…Had to tear it down and cut the plastic with a dremel to disassemble. All part of life for these hobbies, I suppose.

Yikes, that is a bummer. I have a robo sitting here now for at least three days, I broke a piece of filament in the throat and can’t push it out. Now I have to do the same thing, take the hot end off and shove a tiny hex wrench to hopefully clear it. Kind of the reason I went to direct drive extruders. But these Robo’s have lasted forever, they were original returns that I used for prototyping and have all the R1 features but were added much later. So all in all a good printer. The crazy part is my first one still has the very original peek hot end with 1 piece brass heat block and nozzle. It is a little more than 3 years old and has basically printed something everyday of it’s life, I had to replace the resistor from a mistake I made but made those are actually the best hot ends I have ever used, but low temp only.