Anti backlash nut?

So I’m just starting my build, but I have most of the parts together now. I’ve gone for a T8 leadscrew, and the one I sourced came with an anti-backlash nut. I was curious if anyone has tried one on their build and seen if it was worth it or if it was overkill or created any other problems, as it would increase the load on the z motor slightly. I’m not convinced it will help much as I’m not sure the spring is even strong enough to fight backlash effectively under milling loads, but hey, it was essentially no extra cost and I can always leave it out…

We used to use them on the super sloppy allthread, but found most people couldn’t set them properly. So most people stopped using them even though I warned against it…turns out not needed no issues. Now the T8’s actually seem to have much better tolerances than the allthread and if all else fails treat the brass nut as a $3 consumable. The nuts seem really sloppy until you actually mount them then there is very little play, at that point we have gravity and the bit both pulling in the same direction, that to me pre-loads it more than any spring could.