Any advance on steppermotors

Hi everyone, I am starting to build the mpcnc. I already have some of the parts from projects. That’s why I want too order my steppers at Ali and because of shipping to the Netherlands.

I checked the parts list and the Amazon link. The Amazon link is directing to 2a steppers and the shop is directing to 4a steppers.

I have seen these on Ali 5Pcs Nema 17 stepper motors 48Mm 59ncm/84Oz. In 4-Lood 42 Motor 2A 1M

Pretty sure this guy ships to the Netherlands. He’s on my 3d printer discord and seems pretty cool. LDO makes really nice steppers, it’s what I have on my printer.


Thankx i will take a look. I am also on a budget and building this machine I more A challenge for now. When I get it change I have now problem exchanging the cheap stepper for more expensive ones. I will use the cheap steppers for other project later on.

I used these ones: 5PCS Stepper Motor Nema 17 Motor 48mm 59Ncm 2A 17HS19 2004S1 Stepping Motor 4 lead with 1m Cable for DIY CNC 3D Printer|Stepper Motor| - AliExpress

Had them sent to a friend living in Germany (7 Km from here), made shipping free, unfortunately not anymore.

Mooi om weer eens een landgenoot hier te zien!

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personally i used these and I am happy with them.

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Haha je bent de eerste die ik vind uit Nederland. Heb je een build topic?

I found the same at another seller with free shipping but can not post a link. Don’t no why maybe because I am new here

I can post a link now, this is what I am looking at. Any thoughts?

€ 36,60 15% Off | 5Pcs Nema 17 Stappenmotor 48Mm 59ncm/84Oz. In 4-Lood 42 Motor Nema17 Stap Motor 2A 1M Kabel Voor Diy 3D Printer Cnc Robot

The stepper motors seem to be the same. From Germany most items are delivered in a couple of days.

No build topic, in my profile you can find some thing I made. I’m still in the process of building a low-rider and a primo (and a laser and a plasma cutter and… and…)

I know the feeling, I am printing/building te frame to see how far good my printer is now. I will work my way up from there. I hope. A laser cutter would be very cool in my garage