Any thoughts on what happened here ? ! (part 2)

It went well, until it took a detour.
Like it lost track of X and Y position ?

I used Estlcam and Octopi.

(First post got lost in cyberspace ?)

Definitely missed steps. Looks like your running a tad fast, what’s your speed? Depth of cut? Firmware version?

When my 3D printer had missed steps, it was more of a studder.
But I guess it could miss a single large displacement ?

I have attached the settings I used, are they too fast/deep ?

Thank you,

From my experience, this kind of cut doesn’t really follow the tool’s z depth per pass setting. It’s going to cut the full depth every time, so make sure your end mills can cut that deep. Also make sure you’re selecting the correct tool, I’m sure you just brought up the screen to show us the settings, but you’re selecting the drag knife as your cutter.

And you should update your estlcam so you can set the xy ans z speeds independently.

Thank you for the replies,

I will try the new version of Estlcam.

What do you use for x-y and z speed ?